Ancillary Voiceover Services

Our Ancillary Voiceover Services are additional services that go beyond the recording of the voiceover itself. They are crucial to creating a polished, professional final product. Here are the details of our available services:

  1. Scriptwriting: This involves writing the actual text that the voiceover artist will read. A good script is crucial to any voiceover project because it dictates the message and tone of the content. Scriptwriting services for voiceovers may involve writing a script from scratch, or refining and adapting an existing script to make it more suitable for a voiceover format. This includes ensuring that the script is engaging, clear, and appropriate for the intended audience.
  2. Post-production Editing: This is the process that occurs after the voiceover has been recorded. It involves editing the recorded audio to remove any errors or unwanted sounds, adjusting the timing and pacing of the voiceover to match any accompanying visuals, and enhancing the sound quality if necessary. Post-production may also involve mixing the voiceover with other audio elements, such as background music or sound effects.
  3. Translating into Australian: In the context of voiceover services, translation would typically refer to converting the script into another language. However, Australian is not a separate language but rather a variant of English with its own distinctive accent and occasionally unique vocabulary. In this context, “translating into Australian” involves adapting the script to ensure it fits Australian English conventions, and using a voiceover artist with an authentic Australian accent. It might also involve adjusting cultural references or idioms in the script to make sure they’re appropriate and understandable for an Australian audience.