Glossary of Voiceover Terms

Here’s a glossary of common terms you might encounter when working with a voiceover artist:

Audition: A sample recording by a voiceover artist to demonstrate their suitability for a particular project.

Booking: The process of hiring a voiceover artist for a specific project or time period.

Direction: Instructions given to the voiceover artist about how to deliver the script.

Dry Voice: A voice recording with no background music or sound effects.

Full Buyout: A contract term where the client pays a one-time fee for unlimited use of the voiceover recording.

ISDN Session: A live-directed session where the voiceover artist and client are in different locations, connected via ISDN lines.

Live Directed Session: A recording session where the client directs the voiceover artist in real-time, either in person or remotely.

Pickups: Additional recordings to correct or replace parts of the original voiceover.

Rate: The cost of hiring a voiceover artist, usually determined by the length of the script and the usage of the recording.

Script: The written material that the voiceover artist will read.

Session: The scheduled time during which the voiceover recording takes place.

Studio Fee: The cost associated with using a professional recording studio, which may be included in the voiceover artist’s rate or charged separately.

Talent: Another term for a voiceover artist or actor.

Turnaround Time: The amount of time between the client’s request and the delivery of the final voiceover recording.

Usage: The mediums in which the voiceover will be used (e.g., radio, television, internet), which can affect the rate.

Voice Reel: A compilation of a voiceover artist’s work, similar to a portfolio, used to showcase their range and abilities.