Our Team

Sumara Meers

With a lifelong passion for acting and the entertainment industry, Sumara found her true calling as a voiceover artist. Her journey in the entertainment industry has been diverse and enriching, with experiences ranging from acting to stage managing, lighting operation, and teaching drama classes for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. These experiences have shaped her as an artist and have given her a unique perspective that she brings to her voiceover work.

Voice acting, for Sumara, is more than just a job; it’s a creative outlet where she invests herself fully in every project. She believes that every script matters and deserves her utmost attention and dedication. Her goal is to ensure that you absolutely love what she does with your script.

Sumara’s academic background includes a degree in theatre, and she has been consistently honing her skills through courses at the NIDA Open Program over the last 20 years. These courses have covered stage, screen, and voice acting, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the field. She had the privilege of working with renowned voiceover artists Ric Herbert and Amy Longhurst in Sydney, and in 2019, she worked with voiceover superstar J Michael Collins for voiceover coaching and professional demo production. Her commitment to learning is unwavering; she continually studies acting, voice techniques, accents, and more to refine her skills as a voice artist.

What sets Sumara apart is her down-to-earth, ego-free attitude, and her ability to adapt and be directed. She approaches each project with efficiency and a nimble mindset, ensuring a smooth turnaround. Her upbeat, friendly, and open-minded personality makes her easy to work with, and her natural intuition allows her to bring the right character or tone to any script. Additionally, she has excellent sight-reading skills that ensure deliver of high-quality voiceovers, even under tight deadlines.

Sumara’s diverse experience, continuous learning, and commitment to each project make her an ideal choice for your voiceover needs. Let Sumara bring your script to life.

Reece George

The Behind-The-Scenes Innovator

Reece George, a pioneering Martu man from the Pilbara region, is the hidden cornerstone of our voiceover team. With over two decades in the IT sector and a remarkable academic background in both Information Technology and Marketing, Reece brings a unique perspective to the world of voiceover services.

His journey, marked by becoming the first Indigenous Australian to earn dual PhDs, is a testament to his commitment to innovation and excellence. Reece holds a Ph.D. in IT from the University of Newcastle, where he specialized in creating technology solutions tailored for Indigenous communities, and a Ph.D. in Marketing from Charles Sturt University, focusing on decolonizing healthcare services.

In his role, Reece applies his profound understanding of digital communication and user experience to enhance the quality of our voiceover services. His expertise in programming, combined with his strategic marketing insights, enables him to develop solutions that are not only technically sound but also effectively engage the audience.

Behind the scenes, Reece is a master at balancing technical prowess with a keen understanding of audience needs. His work is crucial in ensuring that our voiceovers are not just clear and accurate but also carry the emotional depth and personal touch that our clients value. Reece is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what voiceover services can achieve, making every project an opportunity to connect, engage, and inspire.